palm home


Palm Home is an installation that utilizes slide projectors to create an environmental situation for the viewer. Palm Home consists of 240 images, stills taken from 16mm film footage shot at the Palm House at Kew Gardens and around East London, that were made into 35mm slide.

Process, the act of making, materiality, modes of production, temporarily, rhythm, symbolism, and memory are some of the issues that inspire my practice. For this work I wanted to find a subject matter that interested me but still was open for viewers to find their own meaning within the work. Whilst looking through previous footage I had shot I found repetition in planes, birds, palms, flowers, and various brutalist architecture. On a trip to Kew Gardens I fell in love with the Palm House, a Victorian Era glass wrought iron structure built by Decimus Burton and Richard Turner in 1848, and decided to shoot flora inside the structure.

In my other works I juxtapose contrasting subjects within the same framework and wanted to continue with pairings. Alongside the footage of the Palm House I also shot footage of brutalist style buildings and estates. I am more interested in the sharp lines and shapes that exist within the building’s structures rather than their social/ political significance. The work acts as a space for the viewer to become emerged into, a new environment.

When installed, the three projectors sit one on top of the other creating a long rectangular image. Existing somewhere between still photography and film, the images are set on timers, each on a slightly different speed, so that the viewer can get lost within the rhythm that builds with each click of a slide. I intend for the projectors themselves to become a part of the work, changing the two dimensionality of the image into a three dimensional space. The images exist as projections but also as objects themselves. The projectors enable the images to become enlarged and controls the rhythm, but within the projectors, the images can be viewed as objects apart from the piece as a whole.

Within my practice I try not to tell but to show. While the work I make is for myself it is not excluding of others. I try to create a space where the things that interest me are present, collaging an environment that houses my own concerns. There is a subconscious element to the work, a way a narrative can exist but not be present. The everyday being presented but more specifically my everyday. The material I have shot and the choices that lead to me pressing the button, have all stemmed from my own experiences, and what you see within the material you reference because of your own self, your memories and your own experiences. I see the piece as images, a video, and an installation. I mostly intend for the piece to find its own rhythm, becoming something intimate and meditative.